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Jonathan Karber, M.S., L.M.F.T., L.P.C.-S.

9500 Ray White Road, Ste 101, Keller, TX, 76248


Located in Park Vista Plaza

Tel: 817-320-4619

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Individual Counseling

Along life's journey you may find yourself having difficulties adjusting to the various stressors that come your way. You may struggle with anxiety and  anxious thoughts you can't seem to stop, depressed mood that won't get better, low self-esteem, or simply wondering what your purpose in life is. Let's work together to identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs and learn effective strategies to manage your emotions.

I've worked with couples on a variety of issues such as affair recovery, discovery of a spouse with pornography or sex addiction, lack of fulfilling sexual intimacy, and the challenges that inevitably affect the marriage when children come along. Many couples have been able to work through these difficuties and find that doing so has brought them closer together and made their marriage stronger than before.

Family Counseling

Every stage in the family cycle is both rewarding and challenging. Whether you have a todler, grade school children, teenagers, or some combination of above, we can collaborate together to find parenting strategies to match your family's needs.

Premarital Counseling

Christian Premarital Counseling is the optimum way to help your marriage get off to the right start. It's so important to identify and clarify expectations in a number of areas such as who does what around the home, desired frequency of sexual intimacy, family finances, discussing what role faith will play in your family, and more. We begin with an assessment that helps us look at each of these areas and also gives a personality profile to see each of your strenghts and weakensses and how these will work together.

Porn Addiction

Porn addiction or compulsion is usuallly not something you will be able to overcome on your own. Porn addiction often occurs as individuals are looking to escape from negative emotions such as boredeom, anger, stress, or loneliness. Help is found in community, ongoing accountability with trusted others and in turning our lives over to God. Let me partner with you as you work towards wholeness and authentic intimacy.

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